Investment Invitation on the District Level

Jian’an District Investment InvitationJiang’an Overview Jiang’an is a place best displaying the blending of eastern and western culture in Wuhan, as well as a birthplace of the city neoteric commerce. Since the beginning of foreign trade in Hankou, because of its favorable geographical position, Jiang’an had developed into the core area of business affairs in Wuhan. Today’s Jiang’an District owns advantageous traffic, complete infrastructures, abundant information, modernized finance, prosperous trade and thriving culture. By adopting measures to optimize industrial structure, perfect city functions and improve development circumstance of economy, it has become the best place for investment in Wuhan Jianhan District Investment InvitationJianghan District is the central district of Wuhan City, which gained its name as it is located on the junction of the Yangtze River and the Han River. It has been a prosperous commercial center since Ming Dynasty, also the birthplace of the ancient Hankou Town, which ranked itself among China's four famous towns at that time.Today's Jianghan, covering an area of 33.43 km2 and with a population of 590,000, is the most densely-populated district among the city. It boasts its active economy, renewed environment and flourishing market. With skyscrapers scattered around in the city and splendid night views, Jianghan District is also the "highest" and "brightest" among the city. The district's main economy indexes, such as the volume of whole sales, the actual used foreign and domestic fund, and the financial revenue, etc. all rank top among the city. Adhering to mutual benefit and development principle, the district is granted " China's Social Service Demonstration City Proper" and "China Advanced Technology and Civilization City Proper". The district's comprehensive capacity and investment environment has been promoted rapidly and has promised to be a sustainable brilliant tomorrow. Qiaokou District Investment InvitationThe Qiaokou, located at Hankou, the central area of business and trade in Wuhan, is one of the most vigorous and potential districts in Wuhan. It has a prosperous trade and tourism zone in the east, a planned Gutian Industry New Zone (16.8 square kilometers) within Wuhan new economic growth strip in the west, a 14.5km-long landscaping belt along the Han River in the South and is connected with Wuhan Central District in the north. In the area of Qiaokou, six bridges stretch across the Han River, which link up Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, internal and middle ring road of Wuhan and 5 main avenues of the city, such as Riverside Ave., Zhongshan Ave., Jinghan Ave., Jiefang Ave. and Jianshe Ave. and the No.1 Tram, which was completed in 2004 and runs through the district. The transportation in Qiaokou is very convenient. It is near Hankou Railway Station and only 20 km away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. The national highway (G107) in the district has linked up two expressways from Beijing to Zhuhai and Shanghai to Chengdu. Hanyang District Investment InvitationEnjoying famous ancient music that is produced from Ancient Instrument platform in Hanyang, named "Gao Shan Liu Shui", We congratulate the start of the recruit of investment for the development of Hanyang through Internet.Welcome to Hanyang!Hanyang possesses many unique comparative advantages:It owns rich natural beauty resources and cultural resources, which constitute the pure affinity of Hanyang;It owns the famous Hangyang Arsenal and Iron & Steel Plant with over 100 years history, which constitute the solid base of manufacture of Hanyang.Hanyang is advanced in environment and is full of business opportunities.………… With warmness and cordiality of our 510,000 citizens, we sincerely welcome investors and cooperative partners, both domestic and international, to Hanyang to start up business. Let's build the beautiful future in Hanyang! Wuchang District Investment InvitationWuchang, historically known as one of Three Towns of Wuhan on the south bank of Yangtze River while the other two Hankou and Hanyang on the opposite, is a district of the city where Hubei Provincial CCP Committee and Provincial People's Government are located. Wuchang serves as the political, cultural and information center of Hubei Province. The district, presently of a total area of 82 square kilometers, a residential population of nearly one mi1lion with l4 administrative neighborhoods and 194 community resident-committees, has developed vigorously since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, and the national economy keeps growing in a sustainable way and various social undertakings progress.Wuchang is bound to develop into a central downtown area well off materially and spiritually with developed service industry, advanced science-education-culture prosperity, civilization and beauty. Qingshan District Investment InvitationQingshan District, one of the administrative districts in Wuhan City, with its industrialization at the highest level in Wuhan City, is famous for a high concentration of the applied talents and has dominant superiorities in the development of environment protection industry. Among five industrial bases, given top priority to their development in Wuhan, there are two bases in Qingshan District.In Qingshan District, the concentrative industrial distribution with a solid industrial foundation, rich personnel resources, a sufficient supply of power and water, plentiful raw materials and moderate market competition for has brought about great potentialities for economic development. Two bridges over the Yangtze River, three highways parallel to the Yangtze River and ten-main-road network provide Qingshan District with great convenience with regard to its transportations and communications, going to the airport, railway station, piers and port for foreign trades shortly in about 40 minutes. Hongshan District Investment InvitationHongshan District is situated at the Southeast part of Wuhan City. Hongshan District is famous for its antique Baotong temple and Shiyang martyr's tomb. The district is called Hongshan because of the Monument to the martyrs who were killed in the Northern Expedition . Hongshan District is a new kind of zone which is a combination of urban area and suburban area. Hongshan District is the largest central part of Wuhan city. It covers an area of 509 square kilometers, only 60 square kilometers of which is already built. The ratio of urban area and suburban area is 1:7. And 656,900 people inhabit it, including 179,000 urban residents. The Hongshan District is governing Guanshan Street, Luonan Street, Lion Street, Zhangjiawan Street, Gehua Street, Hongqi Street, Peace Town, Hongshan Town, Qinglin Town ,Construction Town, Jiufeng Town, Tianxing Town, Huashan Village and Zuolin Village. Dongxihu District Investment InvitationThe Developing Wujiashan National Hi-Tech Park Wujiashan Hi-tech Park was was approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Science & Technology in Jan.2000. The Hi-tech Park and Dongxihu Government are the same administrative and service system and have the advantages of flexible decision. All the laws and policies of the state are implemented to encourage investment. The park lies in a joint area between the city proper and the suburbs, with 138km2 developed area. All infrastructures have been finished. By the end of 2002, there were 154 overseas enterprises in the park, and the total amount of investment is 838 million US dollars. Since the foundation, the park pays much attention to the improvement of the "soft" environments, "zero complaint" has been achieved and it has been appraised as an advanced investment environment zone by the municipal, provincial and central government. Investment Invitation of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone